Why we provide Police Dept. & Emergency Vehicle Cleanup Services

In today’s society, you can’t be too cautions in the safety and health of everyone.  Iowa CTS Cleaners offers Patrol Car and Jail / Holding Cell Cleaning and Decontamination in Des Moines, IA and throughout the State.  National statistics indicate  rapidly increasing cases of infectious diseases. During the course of the transport or arrest process it’s highly possible that a contamination could occur from blood, vomit, urine and other bodily fluids. 

Police officers and individuals who protect and serve should not put themselves in harms way attempting to clean and decontaminate these areas and vehicles.  Because of the extreme hazards and risks for infection associated with clean up, police departments commonly hire a company like ours to perform these services.  In the past, inmates were used to clean and decontaminate these areas but because of the health risks and legal ramifications, most departments no longer follow this protocol. Contaminants, when improperly cleaned can pose serious if not fatal health threats to anyone coming in contact for days, weeks or even months after an incident occurs. 

In addition to police cars and jail areas, Iowa CTS Cleaners also cleans and decontaminates other emergency transport vehicles and offers trauma and crime scene clean up services. Any time there is a presence of these bodily fluids, blood, remains or medical waste these vehicles or areas much be completely cleaned and decontaminated before they can be put back into service.  Some biohazard cleaning companies simply wipe the surfaces down with chemicals and other agents to “disinfect” these areas. Proper protocol must be followed for the cleanup and waste disposal tasks. Our company is certified and we possess the proper equipment and cleaning agents to return these areas to safe and totally contaminant free state. 

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