Bio Clean Up – Blood and Body Fluids

Iowa CTS Cleaners is dedicated to the safety and well being of the clients that we serve. Our Des Moines, Iowa location and all other statewide service areas maintain the necessary certifications and qualifications to perform these tasks. We hope these articles will continue to provide a means of educating people about the significance of proper clean up and handling of blood, body fluids and other biohazard wastes

Crime, trauma and death scenes contain the potential for diseases and infections that can have life threatening consequences to home or property owners as well as any individuals who may come in contact with improper disposal of these types of materials and infected blood. Because of the grief stricken state of family members and friends during tragic loses or property owners who may not be aware of health risks and legal repercussions of their employees, it’s imperative that you become educated on the consequences of not hiring a professional company like Iowa CTS Cleaners to manage clean up and removal of biohazards.  Hepatitis C (HVC), a virus that has no treatment, can be very common in the presence of blood. Other diseases such as Hepatitis A and B, and HIV are also health concerns that need to be considered if an untrained person attempts to clean a bio scene. 

There are laws that help that will help safeguard you in the event you are faced with they type of scene. Individuals that disregard proper practices are putting the safety of themselves and others at risk. Unsanitary blood and body fluids pose a tremendous health threat to anyone that comes in contact.  Dried blood and body fluids have very small particles that can become airborne and if you come in contact, can make way into your body causing infections.  Most individuals or companies do not have the proper means to dispose of this waste and are no familiar with the regulations that govern its proper disposal.  Individuals not adhering to these regulations are like to incur heavy fines and have a major legal liability to anyone who is affected by their improper practices. 

Iowa CTS Cleaners is available 24 hours a day to service your biohazard clean up needs. We maintain the proper certifications and equipment to ensure your property will be returned to a safe and healthy environment.  Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can assist you.