Violent home invasions and the trauma scenes left behind

Home invasions are bad enough, but when the event turns violent, can leave behind horrible trauma scenes. Home invasions turned violent can include things like stabbings, blood and tissue matter from fighting and in the worst cases even death. 

Iowa CTS Cleaners provides services for crime, death and trauma scene clean up. We are experienced in blood clean up, removal of biohazard elements like blood  stained materials, body fluids and tissues from death scenes and home renovations that may be necessary to return the scene to a decontaminated safe area for the property owner.  Our Des Moines, IA office also provides additional services that relate to drug clean up and decontamination for incidents relating to this matter.  Please see our list of Qualifications.

Ordinarily, when these types of crimes and traumas happen, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up the mess of the disaster left behind. Depending on the incident, there are organizations that assist with the costs of cleaning and remediating these scenes. Some insurance companies also pay for these services. 

Iowa CTS Cleaners in Des Moines, Iowa has experience working with these agencies and insurance companies to help the process go smoother.  We also realize that these traumatic events can be emotionally overwhelming to our clients. We provide discreet professional services and have the utmost compassion when dealing with victims and their families.  Because of the potential dangers and diseases that can be transmitted through cleaning these scenes, it’s important that you hire a professional company to perform these tasks. With every scene, there are trace elements of contamination and even airborne pathogens that can cause serious illness and sometimes be fatal if not handled properly. 

We maintain the appropriate equipment and qualifications to perform these services and are accustomed to following OSHA and EPA guidelines on the jobs we perform.  We are also familiar with obtaining the necessary permits for disposal and other tasks that may need to be performed depending on where the incident occurs.  If you are in need of our services or would like additional information about the services we perform, please contact our office today.